Rheem Air Conditioning Review

Rheem is a great brand to consider for air conditioning. Its Classic series features a high SEER efficiency rating, which is better than some other mid-tier brands offer.

This model includes a Copeland scroll compressor and features to limit noise, including a composite base pan that limits vibration and a fan orifice that optimizes airflow.


The Rheem brand is well-known as a budget alternative to Lennox and Carrier. Rheem systems cost about $3,000 to $5,000 installed, which is significantly less than the $10,000-plus you’ll pay for a system from a competitor. However, reviews warn that you may spend any money you save upfront on costly repairs later.

The company produces air conditioners, heat pumps, water heaters, and a variety of heating and cooling accessories. It also makes pool & spa heating and refrigeration products. Its products are known for their reliability and affordable prices.


Rheem has a solid reputation when it comes to efficiency. Their products are highly energy-efficient and offer great value for your money. Rheem also uses an eco-friendly manufacturing process and focuses on improving their products to reduce environmental impact.

However, it is important to note that Rheem’s equipment tends to have shorter lifespans than their competitors. This is because they use a PSC motor, which requires more power and causes the equipment to wear out faster. Fortunately, Rheem has made significant improvements in efficiency in recent years.

The RA18AZ is one of the most efficient models available from Rheem, offering a SEER rating of 20.0 and is ENERGY STAR® qualified for all regions of the country. This model also offers a Copeland scroll compressor and a composite base pan to reduce noise levels during operation. It also has a small refrigerant line, which helps to reduce the demand on your system. The Prestige Series also includes a variable-speed compressor and EcoNet technology for even more efficiency.



Rheem offers a limited warranty on all models. This warranty covers parts and labor for a limited time, which is typical for most manufacturers. However, it does not cover repairs resulting from misuse or abrasion of the equipment. You should read the manufacturer’s warranty carefully before making a purchase.

In addition to a limited warranty, Rheem also offers extended warranties that increase the length of coverage. These additional protections are a good idea, especially if you plan to use your air conditioner for a long period of time.

Rheem’s air conditioning systems are available with a variety of efficiency ratings. The company’s Prestige Series includes some of the highest SEER ratings on the market. However, these models may have higher upfront prices than competing brands. In addition, some Rheem models are only suitable for certain regions in the United States, so you should check your local climate regulations before deciding on a model. Also, be sure to compare prices from multiple online stores before making a purchase.


Rheem offers a variety of air conditioning systems to meet the needs of homeowners. Their Prestige Series models have some of the highest energy efficiency ratings available in the industry, and they can save you a lot of money on electricity costs over time.

The company’s home heating, cooling and water heater products are also backed by Rheem Warranty Plus, a four-year warranty plan that adds on to the manufacturer’s limited warranties. The warranty protects against unexpected system malfunctions and repairs.

In addition to the warranty, Rheem’s homeowner resources provide myriad downloadable guides, FAQs, information on relevant rebates and serial number locators. The website also has a search tool that connects you with qualified installers in your area. While any certified HVAC company can install Rheem equipment, it is important to find a contractor that is NATE-certified (North American Technician Excellence). This certification indicates that the technician is skilled and experienced in installing and maintaining Rheem’s products.

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