Are Therma-Tru Doors Good For Your Home?

Therma-Tru doors are a great way to upgrade your home. They offer a wide variety of architectural styles and finishes to match your unique design.

Their composite door frames have no finger joints, unlike wood jambs. This makes them more difficult to kick in than traditional wood door frames.

They also have a full-system warranty to guarantee quality and security for years.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to entry doors, Therma Tru is one of the industry’s most respected companies. They design their doors as complete systems that work together for lasting beauty, security and energy efficiency.

Therma-Tru door systems feature multi-point locking, a security strike plate that can withstand three times more force than a standard strike plate, and a number of options to allow natural light into your home with beautiful sidelites or transoms. These glass options offer more privacy and style while adding value to your home.

Many Therma-Tru doors are ENERGY STAR compliant and NFRC certified, helping you reduce your energy costs. Their fiberglass door system provides up to four times more insulation than most wood doors. This helps keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, saving you money on heating and cooling bills. This also helps reduce the amount of harmful pollutants entering your home.


Therma-Tru doors are engineered to help protect your home from high-velocity winds. Their components and systems work together to seal the critical points where air and water can enter your home: around the glass, hinges, and sill.

They’re also able to resist the forces of a pendulum kick-in, up to 30% more resistant than standard steel doors.**

Therma Tru offers several different door collections, each offering exterior doors that will complement your home’s architectural style and aesthetic. From the classic Fiber-Classic collection to the newer, contemporary styles of Jeld-Wen, there’s a style for every taste and budget.

Therma-Tru doors feature enhanced lock blocks and 1 1/4 inch engineered lumber lock stiles for maximum security. They’re also tested to meet many area codes and regulations. Therma-Tru entry doors also offer improved protection against forced entry compared to wood or steel. Their fiberglass slabs and polyurethane foam core act as a barrier against heat and moisture, helping to keep your family and belongings safe from intruders.


Whether you’re thinking about selling your home in the future or just want to add a touch of style, a stylish new Therma-Tru door can boost your property’s perceived value. In fact, a recent study showed that a Therma-Tru door can increase your home’s value by 4.2%.

Designed with durability in mind, Therma-Tru doors are built to last. Their composite material resists fading, cracking and chipping, and won’t warp or dent like steel or wood. They also require less maintenance, as molded panels and windows don’t need to be regularly re-caulked as with traditional wood doors.

Therma-Tru also offers ENERGY STAR qualified doors, helping you save on energy costs. Their fiberglass doors feature a polyurethane foam core and factory-coated Low-E glass to help prevent heat transfer and cold air loss. Combined with other components, these doors can make your home up to four times more energy efficient. Their commitment to environmental responsibility includes using recycled materials for their composite door parts and partnering with ethical wood suppliers.


A beautiful front door makes a great first impression and increases your home’s market value. Therma-Tru’s entry door products include a variety of colors, wood grain textures, and finishes, making them easy to match your existing home. Their fiberglass doors don’t rust, dent or warp like steel and are resistant to water, sun exposure, and even insect damage.

Many of the company’s products are ENERGY STAR compliant, so homeowners can rest assured that their new doors will help reduce energy costs. Therma-Tru is also committed to environmentally responsible practices, such as recycling composite door parts and facility waste and sourcing materials from ethical suppliers.

Western Products offers Therma-Tru’s Profiles line of affordable fiberglass and steel door systems, perfect for cost-conscious homeowners. These doors feature embossed surfaces and triple-shadowed designs for added detail, along with paint-ready surfaces. Plus, their security strike plates can withstand up to three times more force than traditional doors. They also have impact-rated glass that’s almost impossible to see through.

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