Culligan Water Softener Review – Water-Right Vs Culligan

Culligan is an industry leader that offers top-rated water treatment equipment, advanced technology and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

They also offer a variety of services that are easy to schedule through in-home or virtual appointments.

However, while Culligan water softeners are NSF 44 certified and have long warranties, they can also be expensive to operate. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives that offer better performance and serviceability for less.


If you’re looking for a water softener, there are several options to choose from. Culligan offers one of the most affordable systems and it also comes with a wide range of features.

Its systems use smart technology to measure your water usage and regenerate only when it’s needed which helps save you money on salt, water and electricity. Some systems also offer proportional resin regeneration, meaning that only part of the resin bed regenerates which further reduces the amount of salt used.

Aside from the unit itself, there are also costs to consider such as regular visits from Culligan service personnel and replacement parts when the machine breaks down.

It’s best to have a Culligan expert perform the initial water test and suggest the best solution for you. This way you can be sure the system is suited to your needs, and there are no hidden fees for services you may never use.


Culligan offers a more tailored experience, working closely with you to fully understand your water needs and suggest a system that best fits those needs. You’ll also benefit from professional installation and equipment setup, as well as personalized service from the company throughout your water softener’s lifespan.

Some systems feature HE technology which uses significantly less salt, water and electricity – thereby saving you money. These machines are certified by Consumer Digest and have customizable options to adjust the level of hardness in your water.

Proportional regeneration is another feature that reduces salt use and helps save on water. Some systems also monitor salt levels to inform you when it’s time to replace the salt.

Customers can purchase their water softeners outright or they can opt for a finance option. Though this will eat into your wallet in the first few months, it can be an effective way to pay for a new system.


Culligan has an impressive list of products, including water filter systems, reverse osmosis machines and whole house filters. They’re all well-made, but many consumers have complained that their units don’t work properly or aren’t installed correctly.

Fortunately, the company offers a 5-plus-5 warranty with most of its devices. That’s a five-year warranty from Culligan and an additional five years from the dealer selling the device.

However, there are a few things to consider when evaluating this warranty.

One of the biggest issues is that most Culligan machines require frequent visits from service personnel. These visits add to the cost of owning a system.

Another concern is that you’ll have to pay someone to add salt and perform maintenance on your system. These costs aren’t cheap, and they’re likely to rise over time.

Ultimately, a pro-grade water softener is a better long-term investment than a DIY solution. It’s a good choice if you want to get rid of hard water stains and bad odors and improve the taste of your water.

Customer Service

Culligan is a world leader in water treatment, with top-rated equipment and advanced technology. Their local water experts can provide the best service and help you get the right solution for your home or business.

A Culligan water filtration system can reduce your water bill and improve the quality of your drinking water. They also offer water softeners that reduce the hardness of your water and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

However, many consumers have had bad experiences with the customer service they receive from Culligan. These problems include faulty parts, expensive repairs, overpriced maintenance visits and contracts that have tied consumers into bad deals for years.

The biggest issue with Culligan is that their products are difficult to repair, especially if you aren’t an experienced DIYer. This often leads to the owner having to call in a professional to carry out the repairs, which can be expensive.

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