The Most Expensive Mastercraft Boat

Mastercraft is one of the leading boat manufacturers in the world. They have a range of boats that are perfect for all types of water sports.

These boats are known for being reliable and durable. They are also affordable and fun to ride! They can be used for a variety of activities such as skiing and wakeboarding.


With the X35, MasterCraft is challenging potential competitors to create a boat that can do it all. That means wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing, cruising or skiing, and they’ve got the goods to make it happen.

What’s more, the X series was designed to churn out the industry’s biggest waves. That’s thanks to the combination of athlete research and development, individually tuned hulls, upwards of 4,300 lbs. of ballast and the coveted SurfStar System.

It also features a fully automated tower with electronically actuated solenoids that can raise and lower on a single press of a button. It’s called Hydrolock, and it makes the X35 extra safe on the water.


The X26 is the most expensive mastercraft boat in the world. With room for 18, smart telematics, SurfStar technology and available amenities like a head and refrigerator, the X26 is an experience that will take your towboat to new heights.

The deep-V hull design of the X26 is yacht certified to tame big water and opens up new recreational horizons while providing the ultimate comfort for everyone on board. The X26 has an open pickle fork bow and an enormous seating area, with bow walk-through entrances on both sides of the boat, allowing you to maximize your space.

The X26 is also equipped with the Gen 2 Surf System, which lets you control the size and shape of your wake for wakeboarding or surfing. This is done through a touchscreen that is located at the helm. It has four primary modes, including Max Push and Kids, but can be customized for different riders of all sizes and abilities.


If you’re looking for a big, bad wakeboard boat that also can accommodate a bunch of people, then the X45 is right up your alley. It’s Mastercraft’s most expensive model, and it’s got the power, room, and features to make a great wakeboard and surf machine.

It’s a 24-footer with a 102-inch beam, and it’s got all the things you need to power through a double-up with ease. Its hull is thick enough to give you an excellent ride, and it’s a modified step design that’s perfect for larger waters.

It’s also got a triple-tank ballast system that will gulp down 1,000 pounds of lake water, and it’s equipped with redesigned ZeroFlex towers. It can handle big, heavy riders and also has a lot of room for lounging in the bow.


With the X46, mastercraft takes on the 24-foot inboard boat market with a purpose-driven hull based on the styling lines of their smaller models. But despite the similarities, they are not re-hashing their past, because the X46 is built for something entirely different: wakeboarding and wake surfing.

Its Gen 2 Surf System includes two 800-pound ballast bags in the rear and one up front, for 7,365 pounds of wake-building mass when added to the weight of the boat itself. The X46 is also fitted with surf tabs and an Ilmor 6.2L MV8 engine producing 430 horsepower.

Inside, the X46 is jam packed with industry-leading seating solutions like an oversized captain’s chair that lets the driver sit forward or backward as needed. The rear bench seat is also a unique flip-up seat that lets passengers face forward, or reverse the setup so they can see what’s going on behind the boat.

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